FTP Sites With Free Online FTP Software

FTP Sites tailored to fit your needs:
  • No predetermined space limitation
  • No predetermined transfer limit
  • No limit to number of users you can set up
  • Fully Compatible with all FTP software
  • No Contract - you can cancel at any time
  • Flexible pricing - pay only for what you use
  Low Cost FTP Server
Fast FTP Site Set-up

Private, Secure File Transfers

  • You control which of your users can upload files to the FTP server.
  • You control which files each of your users has access to.
  • All files are protected. You users only see the files they have permission to see.

Our Fully Web-Based FTP system allows you to:

  • Activate and start using your FTP site in less than 5 minutes
  • Add, Edit, and Delete users any time day or night with our easy to use web based account manager
  • You and your users can access your files with our free web-based FTP client, or use your own FTP client software
  • Generate real time FTP usage reports ( our powerfull online reporting tool shows who downloaded, uploaded, & deleted which files and when )
  • Printable copies of your invoices and receipts are available online

Never Worry About Security

  • Encrypt your uploads and downloads at no additional cost using SSL encryption (the FTP client software you use must support it ( Voyager and Cute FTP do ). We have an option to require your users to use SSL encryption. Our free web-based FTP client supports SSL encryption.)
  • Separate ids and passwords are assigned to each user
  • Users each logon directly to their own personal folder where only their files are visible
  • All of our servers are in a locked facility with restricted access

Reliable, Affordable and User Friendly

  • Our US based state-of-the-art server facility has a 99.9% up-time
  • Our fair pricing only charges you for what you use
  • Our web based account manager is full featured and EASY to use
  • No pre-set space limitations or transfer allocation limits
  • Our free web-based FTP client requires no installation

Advanced Features

  • Specify upload, download, and delete rights for each user
  • FTP usage reports,and printable invoices and receipts are always available online
  • Automatic email notification of new files uploaded and downloaded

Other Supported Features

  • Support of Encrypted Transfers (SSL), with the option to require user to encrypt
  • Resume inturrupted file transfers
  • Limit the files and folders viewable to each user
  • Verify that your downloaded file matches the file on the server with XCRC command support
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