The Online FTP Client is Simple and Easy to Use.

Logging On
Navigating The File system
Transferring Files


The Main Window - This is the first window you will see and contains everything you'll need. On the left hand side of the window you will see a file listing for the Files on Your Computer. On the right hand side of the windows is where the remote files on the FTP server will be listed. In between these windows you'll notice two buttons, these buttons are for transferring files to and from the FTP server. Below each of these windows you'll see a set of four tool buttons for creating folders, deleting and renaming files, and a refresh button which we'll discuss later on. The third window at the bottom is a status window that will show you the status of any actions you might take. At the very bottom you will find the Log On/Log Off buttons and the Help button which brings up this file you are reading now.

Overview Main Screen

Logging On

The first step you'll need to take is to click the Log on Button Highlighted in the Example below.

Main Screen

After Clicking the Log on button you will be presented with a log on screen which contains a few fields to be filled out. The first two fields pertain to the FTP Server Information and will by default be "grayed out" and unchangeable for you. The next field is for the Username you have either been given or have chosen. Below that is the field for your Password, this field is "case-sensitive" meaning that if your password contains both capital and lower-case letters it must be typed exactly as it written.

Logon Window

The last field is a "drop-down menu" and controls what type of connection to establish to the FTP server. The first choice in the list "FTP" is just a Standard FTP connection with no encryption. The second choice "SFTP/SSH" is not supported by our system and should not be chosen in any case. The third "FTP/SSL (AUTH TLS)" is an explicit connection where all file transfers are encrypted. The last option "FTP/Implicit SSL" is a connection where both the file transfers and username/password are encrypted (this option is available upon request but, is not our default. If you would like to use this type of connection contact us for details.)

Logon Options

Once you have filled all the required fields in click the OK button to log on.

Navigating the File system

Once logged in, you will notice that the window on the right will show you the file list of the FTP Server (the specific files displayed is dependent upon your individual system, these will be your files.)

Logged in

Navigating the File System is very easy and similar to what you are probably already familiar with in Windows. Both, the files on your computer and on the FTP server are browsed in the same way. To keep it simple we'll explain through navigating the files on your system. By default the files visible on your computer (the window on the left) will start with the "C: drive", to browse these files simply scroll down the list. To change the drive you are looking at just click the folder icon just above the window and to the right of the directory path. (If you already know the path to the folder you want, you may also at any time, type in the path and hit the enter key to go there immediately.)

browse drive

This will bring up a window showing you all the drives available to you. Select the one you want and click OK. This will now make that drive the top directory shown in the window.


To enter a subdirectory (folder) simply double-click that directory. To go back or up a directory scroll to the top of the window and you will see a folder with no name and two dots "..", double-click this folder to go back/up a directory.

Up/Back directory

Transferring Files

Transferring files is just one click away. In the middle of the screen you will notice two buttons with arrows on them. These buttons are how transfers are accomplished. To transfer a file simply select the file you want to transfer and click the direction you want it to go. (If you have multiple files to transfer you can Ctrl+LeftClick to select them.) To Upload a file select a file on your local system and click the top button (arrows pointing towards the FTP server.) To Download a file select a file on the FTP server and click the bottom button (arrows pointing towards your computer.) Uploads and downloads happen in the current directory you are in, so make sure when you click the transfer button you are putting the file where you want it to be.

Transfer Buttons

Once you click the transfer button a status window will appear to let you know that a transfer is in progress and to give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete. While a transfer is taking place you will be unable to browse or start any other transfers.

Transfer in Progress

After a transfer is finished you should now see that file/folder in the window it was transferred to. If it does not appear before you transfer the file again click the Refresh button just below the window to double-check whether or not the transfer completed.

Once you've completed transferring the files you wanted to transfer, simply click the Log Off button at the bottom of the screen or just close the window completely.

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